Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last night we had our first swim meet, which was super scary as it was my first meet as the head coach.  When putting the meet together and getting in touch with the Edgebrook coach (our opposing team), I was shocked and a little frightened to hear that they have 270 swimmers....which is almost double the swimmers that I have! The boys (my 3 other coahces) and I spent 7 hours putting line ups together this weekend...we did a lot more talking that we should have, but it ended up being really fun! Any way, we WON!! The final score was 368 to 290, which is awesome! We had about 1/2 of the DQ's that we had at last years first meet, and twice as many best times!! I am so proud of my swimmers and all the effort they put into the meet last night!

We have another meet tomorrow, which again, I am a little scared about. We have some very fast swimmers, but they have even faster swimmers. But, who knows, fingers crossed I will be surprised at the end of the meet again!?

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