Saturday, July 21, 2012

Feeling Pretty Good

We had A champs today (for those that don't know what this is, it is the big championship with all 27 teams that are part of the league we swim in). It's safe to say that going into the meet, I was nervous. We spent all day Saturday, part of Sunday and Thursday night putting these line ups together. Every possible line up had been thought through and considered. No joke, we spent hours and hours and hours staring at the same 10 papers we had to go off of. Lucky for us, all of us coaches get along really well this year, which made all of this a little bit easier. Anyway, after some exciting, nerve wracking and even some "bummer" swims (1 relay DQ and 1 individual DQ), the points were tallied up and the results were announced.

You read that right...Samena placed FOURTH!

Grant (one of my assistant coaches) and I literally screamed our heads off when this was announced. In the past, Samena hasn't place very well at A champs (usually any where from 10-15th), so this was huge! I seriously almost cried I was so happy. All of the hard work that we had put into the many hours and days of practices, meets, line ups and champ line ups had paid off!! Such a great feeling! I went from being so exhausted after a long day at the pool to overwhelmingly happy and excited. I know this is super cliche of me to put on here, but I really am so proud of my swimmers for all the hard work they have put into the season. I'm so grateful for the parents and especially my amazing parent reps that helped me out soooo much this summer...seriously couldn't have done any of this without them. I am super lucky to have the boys (my 3 other coaches) by my side, I am so glad that we were able to have such a strong team of coaches this year that worked so well together! Can't wait for next year...the stakes are high :)

I've got about a month until I go back to Rexburg...pretty crazy, huh?! I love being home but I'm definitely ready to be back. I'm going to be taking some really fun classes this year, which should be exciting. Oh, and I'm excited to see my Shmannalee and Mikele and all of my other buddies that I miss so much!

Pretty darn happy right about now :)