Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lazy Man Challenge

BYU-Idaho is offering a lazy man challenge for the month of February. Participants have to bike 112 miles, swim 2.4 miles and run 26 miles. The first 100 people to finish the challenge win a free t-shirt. I decided that I would take up this challenge and see how quickly I can finish it, and for some reason free t-shirt is really motivational for me! I am not much of a runner, but I am pretty comfortable with the biking/spinning and swimming. So far I have swam 2.4 miles, ran 20 miles and biked 55 miles. My goal is to have the challenge completed by next week. I am trying really hard to force myself to like running, especially since I have the Color Run coming up in May. Elizabeth and I will be running the 5k Color Run in downtown Seattle and I cannot wait!!! Luckily the lazy man challenge is helping to get me into shape for the run and I should be ready to go in May if I keep up the running that I've been forcing myself to do.
I can't believe how fast this semester is going and that it is already February! It has always seemed like January, February and March are the longest months of the year, but so far it seems as though time is going by faster than ever. We are almost to mid-term week, which means that the second half of the semester is probably going to go faster than the first and I'll be back in Bellevue, getting ready for swim team before I know it! When I get home in April, I am going to apply to work at certain Elementary Schools around Bellevue as a IA (Instructor's Assistant) and start getting my foot in the door with some in classroom experience. I cannot wait!

I have been swimming on the swim team for about 3 weeks now and am really loving it! We had our first meet last week and WE WON!! I swam all freestyle in the meet and dropped 8 seconds from my 100 freestyle time trials time. I've forgotten how much I have missed swimming and competing. I am still getting back into the groove of water, but am proud of the progress I have made so far! I've met some really fun people and am excited to get to know the rest of the team better. Our suits, caps and shirts came in yesterday...I guess once a totem, always a totem....go red and black! We have a meet tomorrow...hopefully it goes well. Here's to hoping the rest of the season goes well!